Aradia Megido ♈️ | Homestuck And Hiveswap AminoHi, I’m’s “smart drug” tester. I am a real girl – not a bot.  I write for this site because I want to share the good news about Modafinil!  It is THAT GOOD.  Modafinil is door-knocking, God-botheringly good.

I believe in living a life on my terms.  No excuses, no limits.  I set my standards high, because I believe that effort pays off.  Modafinil gives me the boost I need to meet those standards with a smile, if drive, determination and willpower ever become a grind 🙂

I love gaming, mountain climbing, MMA, lifting, time alone in nature, being physically active, cooking, art, and too much nerdy stuff to list. I’m not at all a team player. Polymath. I’m a polymath. This means I’m compelled to excel at everything I do.

I live in a very, very rural secret base I jokingly named “The Fortress of Solitude” after Superman’s ice fortress.  Mail is delivered irregularly and, I suspect by carrier pigeon.  The vendors reviewed here can consistently get shipments to me in less than 14 days, so unless you live on the Moon, you won’t be waiting long for your nootropic vitamins.

If you have any questions about Modafinil and Armodafinil please do contact me <3