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When Modafinilcat closed their doors, they left a gap in the Modafinil online marketplace that would be hard to fill.  NeoModafinil have proven themselves a worthy successor to the coveted top spot – if you used to buy Modafinil from Modafinilcat you can get the same awesome service from NeoModafinil.

You can buy genuine, safe, branded Artvigil, Waklert, Modalert and Modvigil easily using your VISA or Mastercard credit card.  NeoModafinil *prefer* credit card payments which is refreshing – most other vendors are now heavily pushing complex payment methods such as bitcoin which are not so convenient or easily available for the customer.  All purchases are completely confidential and will appear discreetly on your credit card statement in a non-identifiable way.

NeoModafinil are the only online smart drug vendor to completely ignore generics – their best seller Modalert is manufactured by the trusted name Sun Pharmaceuticals, ltd.  The Artvigil, Waklert and Modvigil pills they stock are also sourced only from Sun Pharma, or the comparable HAB Pharmaceuticals, ltd.  You can buy a completely safe, FDA approved product at a fraction of the cost by choosing NeoModafinil!

Orders take 7-14 days to arrive and are always shipped with free express shipping, however much you spend.  Packages are dispatched within 12 hours of payment, which is lightning fast and beats other vendors hands down.  You’ll know where your order is every step of the way!  In the rare event that a consignment goes missing you will get a full, no-quibble refund or reship.

NeoModafinil keep things simple and discreet so that you can buy modafinil online when you want, in the quantity you want.  Their streamlined simplicity and dedicated customer service are reassuring, and as an added bonus, return customers are eligible for a generous 10% discount on subsequent orders.  Whether you have a question or a complaint you’ll be met with a fast, friendly response – these guys love and value their customers and it shows.

Prices start as low as $.80 per pill on bulk orders which represents an amazing saving, wherever you are in the world.

Unsure which brand to buy?  You can try all 4 – Artvigil, Wakalert, Modalert and Modvigil for only $75! We tried the sample pack and are pleased to report the brands are all genuine – it’s hard to choose a favorite performer so we recommend new customers try this generous option and see which brand of modafinil works best for them.  When you decide which brand to buy you’ll be pleased to note they are all available in small or bulk quantities and comparably the cheapest among their price point out of competing sellers.

It can be scary buying drugs online – buy modafinil online at NeoModafinil and you can be assured of a safe, friendly and rewarding experience.  They are THE go-to vendor for many modafinil fans and with good reason – give them a chance and find your new trusted partner for your nootropic needs.

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4 Reviews to “NeoModafinil”

  1. My Gods! I get my Armodafinil here, and I urge anyone who likes speed/molly/phet to do the same. It’s as good, but you’re buying clean, and you won’t get fucked by law enforcement for having Armodafinil/Modafinil because it’s only schedule 4. It’s costing me something like $0.90 a day to enjoy the same kinda buzz Iwas getting from phet, and after 6 months I am not building tolerance. I haven’t had any nasty psychosis, and I have no trouble sleeping every night. I was tempted to use 5 pills one time and it was overkill, this is the real deal and this is my goto seller. I get it sent right to my door in a week, and it’s free express shipping. Nice.

  2. I like them. Good service and my armodafinil got to me safely, the stealth was top notch! I would recmmend to anyone, and I intend to use them in the future but I might try some other sellers to be fair. It’s good to have a few from what I hear because they shut down and others pop up.

  3. Go here, what else do I say? I like them, I haven’t felt the need to try anyone else yet. Good service, genuine goods. My bro tested them, legit, etc etc. I’m in Colorado by the way, and no problems in 8 mnths of using this particular seller.

  4. I like this seller and I have tried other ones. But for reasons, I tend to stay loyal here so, if you want good service and cheap Modafinil, check them out. I like theyre very fast and once they sent me extra pills for a review.

    I’m a club DJ and I use Armodafinil when I am working 2x nights in a row, works yo.

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