Is My Modafinil Working? Experiences Commonly Reported From Users

It’s such a loaded question, and one I hear all the time. Instead of asking “Does Modafinil work?”, it’s better to ask “HOW does Modafinil work?”, because honestly, when people ask the first question, they are expecting to be told it’s some kind of amazing party pill like Molly. First, let’s look at what Doctors usually prescribe Modafinil for:

Modafinil Uses

Modafinil is a eugeroic drug, which means it acts on your neurotransmitters to promote wakefulness, energy and focus. Medicine’s recommended Modafinil uses are as a pill to help Narcolepsy patients regulate their sleep/wake cycle, a medication to help people with sleep apnea stay alert despite their poor sleep patterns, and as an aid to shift workers to help them stay alert and safe, whatever time they need to work. There are a growing number of off-label uses, that make use of Modafinil’s mild euphoric effect on mood, it’s sustained energy, it’s ability to help people with focus disorders such as ADHD and OCD, and it’s ability to inspire creativity.

People using this drug without a prescription most commonly report that Modafinil helps them manage trauma (PTSD, cPTSD), anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. Most people report that it enhances their creativity, helps them feel inspired to take action, keep up with a workout schedule, maintain a work/life balance by keeping their energy steady for up to 16 hours, so that they have time to spend on hobbies or with friends and family after a full work day. It is most often reported as a study aid that makes it possible to cut the hours you spend studying, by making it easy to retain information and understand it on the first read-through.
By the way: Modafinil is not a controlled substance in most countries. So you can stop figuring out how to fool your doctor into thinking you have Narcolepsy 😉 Just buy modafinil already!

Modafinil “Not Working”?

Why is modafinil not working the way i want? Is Modafinil not working for you like the magical drugs depicted in the movies “Limitless” and “Lucy“?  Aww too bad, suck it up snowflake! That’s what you get for believing badly-written marketing articles from keyword pimps. They ALL label Modafinil as “The Limitless Drug” in an attempt to snag your attention. Hype has always been the mediocre salesman’s go-to technique for trying to get your money. Anyway. The drugs in those movies are not real and probably never will be.

Modafinil DOES work, and there are plenty of peer-reviewed studies that give no doubt as to it’s efficacy. If you are chasing after a “new meth” look somewhere else. Modafinil is a cognitive enhancer first and foremost, and while it does have some euphoric effect, its so much more than a party powder. Go back up and re-read this article to see what you can expect from Modafinil.

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