Tell me How Modafinil and Alcohol Interact!

Here’s another question I get asked a lot- how do Modafinil and alcohol interact? My personal experience here is not relevant- I choose not to drink alcohol for health reasons as it’s nutritionally empty and I plain do not like drink culture. In the interest of all things “smart drug” related I did some research to find out whether one should combine the use of smart drugs and alcohol and the general consensus is that it’s not a great idea. It won’t kill you, but combining the two will produce some undesirable effects and confusion, and is more in line with addictive behaviour than self-enhancement. Many people report that using Modafinil with significant quantities of alcohol quickly goes past the point of focus and energy and into the realms of insomnia and intense hangovers.

You may end up drinking more than you usually would because you initially feel more in control due to the effects of Modafinil. While Modafinil may enable you to handle larger amounts of alcohol and retain functionality, it is a deceptive situation and although you may feel like you can mentally cope, your body will still suffer from the increased work of processing excessive alcohol.

This is not to say that alcohol is bad, and social drinking is a no-no- moderation is key and knowing your limits is vital. Never use the beneficial effects of Modafinil as an excuse to drink more than you would normally and you should not have any problem. This is a good maxim for anything in life- responsible use rarely leads to problems!

One should always stay accountable when using a smart drug- or any medication and the smart thing to do is to take notice of how you feel and function, be aware of any changes. Alcohol will affect you regardless of whether you are aware of it or not, and using Modafinil and alcohol together can cause you to misjudge your tolerance for both.

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