So, how long does Modafinil last – is one pill a day really enough to give you a boost for your entire day? Yes. Yes it is-from the time you get up, through to bedtime. You can expect to enjoy a full day’s productivity (for most people this is 16 hours awake, with an average of 8 hours of sleep), not only during your work day but also by continuing to supply you energy for work outs, leisure and even sexy times 😉 Whether you are a student, an office worker, a full-time mom and homemaker, a laborer, a long-distance driver, a physical trainer- whatever you need energy and focus for- you have it with Modafinil. With a half-life of 16 hours, you can take it on waking and the effects tail off when you are ready to sleep – perfect!

It’s ideal for shift workers who need to be safe, alert and energetic while they work unsociable hours. It’s a great way for anyone to maintain focus after a long day, when they switch around from work to play or from study to sports. You can forget about that mental fatigue that sets in when you want to do something fun after giving your workplace 8 hours of your time.

Modafinil is long lasting. It will improve your quality of life by supporting a better work/life balance. You won’t feel like your energy and mental clarity gets “wasted” at work. You’ll have an abundance of energy, creativity and inspiration left to enjoy your personal time. EVERY day. Modafinil is perfectly suited to making sure you regulate your sleeping pattern. It’s effects diminish after 12 hours, so you get your optimal 8 hours sleep each day.

You’ll feel physically, emotionally and mentally better.  Get a better daily routine that is inclusive and full.  You won’t be too tired to enjoy life outside of work.  In answer: How long does Modafinil last? Long enough for a full, enjoyable day!

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