How Long Does Modafinil Last?

Asking the important questions kids 😉 Well, how long DOES Modafinil last? The great news is that you will feel sustained, continuous benefit from ONE pill for the next 12-16 hours. (16 hours is usual for Armodafinil users, 12 for Modafinil). This is great because it is cost-effect and also means that Modafinil(and Armodafinil) has no potential for addiction. You won’t be building a tolerance and eating 10+ pills a day, robbing liquor stores and losing your mind. One pill a day, and you will enjoy a controllable euphoria, focus, energy and mental capacity for your entire day’s work and play, until you are ready to sleep for the recommended 8 hours. Please take a look at my reviews(link) and find the perfect seller for your budget; you will see that many of them have sample packs that allow you to try different brands if you are a Modanoob 😉

There are amazing benefits to this! It means that people who work a traditional pattern (9-5) can take their pill on waking and put in their day at work and have energy left to go to the gym, enjoy their families, socialize with friends and enjoy hobbies. They won’t be drained by work so that all they do is work and sleep. Modafinil gives normal 9-5ers their lives back by assisting in work-life balance.

Shift workers use Modafinil to help them stay alert and productive whatever time of day or night they need to be functional. It lessens the horrible side effects associated with shift work, so many medical workers use it to stay on the ball when working in emergency care. Students like that they can pull all-nighters when finals are looming and not suffer nasty side-effects like their previous choices of caffeine tablets or amphetamines. The US Navy and Air Force supply Modafinil now in preference to Methamphetamine as their emergency all-night-fight pill of choice. It’s safe, reliable and you can use it over a sustained period with no ill effects; there are long-term users who have used it daily for years, and I’m one of them.

The most attractive benefit of Modafinil’s effective window is that it fits exactly in with the normative awake/sleep cycle. 12-16 hours awake and 12-8 hours of sleep! Isn’t that just perfect? It means that you can go to bed and settle off without any problem.  Your daily pill effects diminish at exactly the time you need it to! Medical science couldn’t have designed a more perfect drug for energy, focus and productivity, workout support, study support and social benefits. It helps people overcome social anxiety, PTSD and OCD. There’s no potential for harm, addiction or health damage.

How long does Modafinil last? One pill lasts long enough to make each day, your best day, EVERY day!