Is Modafinil Safe? Tell Me!!

Modafinil is safe. I’m definitely NOT your physician. If you’re a cautious or worry-obsessed individual, go and ask your doctor or neurologist. Modafinil is a lab-developed, scientifically researched, FDA approved drug. It’s considered safe for most people to use indefinitely and studies have shown no long term or short term dangers or ill-effects from it’s usage.

Modafinil is non-addictive. Modafinil will leave you better than it found you. For example: depression is often “treated” with psychiatric medications that might lift your mood, but also pile on the pounds, give you acne, lethargy, hair loss and sexual dysfunction. That’s is a pretty big blow to anyone’s quality of life! Modafinil lifts your mood and gives you energy without killing your self-esteem. It doesn’t get much safer than that- One can only guess at the reasons it isn’t prescribe more often!

Modafinil is safe- obviously this is not a green light to behave recklessly, and consume vast quantities of alcohol, stay awake for days without sleep, and eat badly- all those things will catch up with you and it won’t be the fault of your smart drug. Use Modafinil to remain accountable- as you would taking any other medication; and you will benefit greatly from using it.

You should always discuss your medications and dosage with your caregiver, especially if you have special circumstances- pregnancy, hypo-tension, diabetes and any other reason to be cautious. However, Modafinil is considered to be among the safest therapeutic drugs on the market for a vast array of neurological disorders- and has few contraindications.

Is Modafinil safe? Yes, in most cases, for most people.