Should I Be Worried About My Long Term Use Of Modafinil?

Long-time users always want to know about the long-term effects of Modafinil.  There aren’t any that are so far notable, which is why it’s not a scheduled drug.  If you think about it, both alcohol and tobacco are addictive and harmful and if they were developed today they would be controlled substances . Modafinil is neither addictive nor has the potential for long-term harm.  The caveat is: unless you chronically abuse it or are exceedingly unhealthy.

Medical science stays on top of drug developments.  Research into long term effects of various newer drugs, including Modafinil, is ongoing.  It’s still a relatively new drug and that’s why more and more uses for it come up, and with that, comes deeper understanding of it’s effects and mechanism by which is works on the brain.

I created this buy modafinil review site because I truly love Modafinil, for the way it has changed my life without getting me labelled as somehow “mentally defective and in need of zombie drugs”.  I am passionate about connecting other people to something that can help them live their best life.  You CAN squash anxiety, find a work/life balance and have great energy, without getting into legal trouble.

Safety is important to me.  It goes against my personal code to “shill” for something with no regard to it’s potential for harm.  I give all my advice in good faith.  I’m not a doctor or employed in a medical field.  I’ll be sure to let you all know if there are new discoveries made about the long term effects of Modafinil.

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