The Skinny on Modafinil for Weightloss

I’m regularly asked about Modafinil and Weightloss, no surprise in a culture where obesity is the norm. It seems that everyone wants a magic bullet to make them slim and healthy, without any personal effort.

Modafinil works by stimulating dopamine production. Dopamine is the “reward hormone” that makes you feel satisfied and happy.  Modafinil gives an increase in energy, so that you feel satisfied and less hungry.  It can help you lose weight if you have problems with appetite control, emotional eating, or boredom eating.

You will feel inspired because you have more energy, and don’t feel as hungry. Pay attention to what you eat, how much, and when.  Add some exercise! Modafinil will help your energy levels so this won’t be hard. You will quickly drop some stubborn pounds as a result.

Do not rely on Modafinil to completely fix any weight issues you have by itself.  If you do, and you stop taking it without improving your diet, any weight loss will go right back on.

Modafinil was originally marketed as a eurogic; a wakefulness promoting agent to combat Narcolepsy.  In that time it has shown amazing results in other medical fields.  Modafinil shows it can alleviate some types of Depression, Anxiety, OCD, impulse control disorders, ADHD and ADD.

Modafinil is an added boost to my personal accountability. I already enjoy a healthy lifestyle and watch my weight and food choices. I love to work out, especially lifting.  Modafinil helps directly with my goals. It gives me the energy and mood boost I need to reach my peak potential.

If you want a little help breaking through initial cravings and bad habits, Modafinil will do that! You need to take the help it gives and build on it. Don’t use it as a crutch, or you’ll just be replacing one habit with another. Modafinil will help you to stay focused and keeping your mood up. It is a useful tool for anyone who wants to beat anxiety, because it stabilizes mood. It will help you stick to a good gym routine, and boost your energy for workouts.

Ultimately, discipline and accountability need to come from within, but we all need a little push now and then!  Modafinil will give you that 🙂

Studies show a strong correlation between Modafinil and weightloss, that warrants further research.

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