Modafinil Uses And Benefits For Non-Medical Users

There is a growing list of therapeutic Modafinil benefits for people with medical need, but in this article I specifically want to address people who use it without medical need. If your doctor has prescribed it for you, you probably aren’t visiting my site anyway 😉 I l first learned about Modafinil for non-medical use from reading Dave Asprey’s personal experiences. He’s also known as “The Bulletproof Exec“, and do check him out… credit where it’s due! He has some smart ideas about maximizing your work and health – or “biohacking” as he calls it 🙂 Since that time it has grown more and more popular. Wanna know why? 😉 …..

In many countries, it’s perfectly okay with Law Enforcement if you possess and use Modafinil/Armodafinil without written permission from your doctor. So why would you want to? And doesn’t that mean it’s not worth bothering with?

Modafinil Highs….?

Yes, some people use Modafinil to get high. It’s not gonna get you in trouble like controlled drugs might. It’s not addictive, and regular use doesn’t build tolerance, but Modafinil can and will enhance your mood. If you struggle with anxiety and lack inertia, it certainly helps and is considered to be a safe alternative to amphetamines. It won’t fuck you up like Meth, but you will enjoy sustained energy and focus for 12-16 hours and be able to sleep at night. You won’t ever feel like you are out-of-control, but you will feel inspired, creative, energized and like “doing stuff” if you are prone to procrastination.

Modafinil For Study And Productivity

I touched on this already, but Modafinil is AMAZING for people who want to get more done each and every day. It’s sometimes used for people with ADHD, so it will help you focus for long periods without a drop-off in energy. When you study, it makes it so much easier to retain and process what you read, even after a long day doing other things. If you want to make it easier to gain and keep knowledge and information, Modafinil has your back. Powering your late-night studies with caffeine? Modafinil will do that for you without the jitters and emotional crashing that comes with downing too much coffee/energy drinks.

Are you too tired after work for hobbies, family time, or any kind of life? You won’t be; one pill in the morning will make it so you do more than work and sleep. My tried-and-trusted sellers have sample packs; buy some modafinil now and get your life back 🙂

Modafinil And Workouts

I like to lift, because I’m a girl who likes to be her best self, emotionally, healthwise and in every way I can. I enjoy different workouts depending on where I’m at, and my personal experience is that Modafinil is amazing for inspiring me to keep up with my fitness. There’s no need to use it as a pre-workout pill because one-a-day keeps on working at a sustained pace for 12-16 hours. My morning dose means that I never feel “too tired”/uninspired to work out, whatever time of day it is. Best of all, it means I can truly focus on my workout, whether it’s lifting, cardio dance, stretching or MMA. My attention isn’t wandering to anything else I have to do that day. This is pretty much the general consensus of everyone who uses Modafinil and likes to work out.

(Working out is just another way I chase after self-improvement; I am not satisfied with just “good enough” whether it is fitness, health, spirituality or emotional issues. My own personal credo is to not let anything control me. Don’t care if it’s sugar, cigarettes, religious dogma, peer pressure, disability, emotional stress or anxiety. I try not to ever let anything rule me.)

I feel that these are the major benefits and uses for “recreational” Modafinil. If you look around online you will read about people using it to enhance their sex lives, create art, brainstorm in their focus groups and many other things. Why not find your own path, and discover Modafinil benefits that work with your goals and lifestyle? 🙂