My Personal Experience When Taking Modafinil For The First Time

A lot of my modafinil review sites visitors have asked for my experience with Modafinil.  Here it is and I hope you find it useful.  Please respect I won’t give away too much personal info.  ‘Doxxing’ is a concern for anyone on the internet.  If you want more “proof” I can’t help you, so do the decent thing and trust me 🙂

I first tried Modafinil about 5 years ago when someone I knew read Dave Asprey’s(The “Bulletproof Exec”) blog and decided to order some from a now-defunct site.  They seemed to come and go in those days, as ModafinilCat fans will remember!  Incidentally ModafinilXL is a decent replacement for the Cat, check my review of them!  I’m not very big, so they gave me a half pill, which I liked…. but I was verrry insistant I get to try a normal-person dose.

Wow.  I am not ashamed to admit I’ve played with various not very legal things in the past and, who hasn’t?  This Modafinil stuff put them all to shame, because I didn’t suffer for taking it.  I felt good! Energized!  And, I did THREE p90x workouts back-to-back that day instead of one, I think because I was showing off how awesome this new wonder drug was.  I haven’t done that since because overdoing the workouts hurt, yo.

I’ve taken it every day since, pretty much, and never felt the need to be stupid with it.  I used to have mad anxiety and I’d struggle with anything social.  The hermit life is still my preferred choice, because I find immense value in not being a loud-ass.  I prefer not to be superficial, but if I do need to interact, Modafinil makes it easy.  It’s not a struggle for me these days.  Which is nice 🙂

I find it so easy every day to do my best, and to “go the extra mile” with anything I do.  Writing, cooking, workouts, hiking, being there for a friend who needs me.  Whatever it is, Modafinil makes it so that nothing feels like a chore or a duty.  I feel that it’s made me a better person.  For all you “spiritual” people, I would definitely say it makes it easier for me to see the bigger picture and not get caught up in fleeting drama.  So ya, I’m more serene and ‘in-the-moment’. More able to not stress the little things – whatever you want to call it.

I know many females and some guys worry about their weight, I certainly do.  So yes, Modafinil does help with appetite control and focus on better eating.  This is why gym rats swear by it along with their whey shakes and pre-workout drinks and prayers to the fitness god.  It matters to a lot of people who are afraid to admit it these days due to focus on body acceptance movements.  For the record I think *everyone* deserves to feel positive about themselves, including people who want to practice weight management.  No hate 🙂

As far studying, I haven’t been doing any formal study in that time (I do have a couple of degrees tho).  I was a reading monster before Modafinil and now I’m even worse.  Reading is my fun.  Also, does gaming count as studying?  Because if it does the Modafinil has definite positive effects for gamers.

So far then I’ve used Modafinil (or Armodafinil) almost daily for a long time and I recommend it.  I haven’t noticed anything weird.  I haven’t grown a second head, or woke up to find my arm necrotizing or anything.  If I did have cause for concern I’d visit my doctor and so should you.  That concludes my experience with Modafinil, and I hope you find it helpful 🙂

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