We Wanted A Modafinilcat Alternative! Now We Have Two 🙂

Modafinilcat were the go-to seller for anyone who wanted to buy Modafinil – with good reason!  New and regular customers enjoyed the best products, service and shipping, at insanely cheap prices.  It was sad to see them leave – as THE top seller of Modafinil online they were a hard act to follow.

There have always been other sellers who get good Modafinil reviews, but they each serve a particular demographic such as students, bodybuilders, execs and so on, and so their pricing and service is often tailored in a specific way.  A seller with a large customer base that’s mostly made up of college students will sell nootropics in small amounts, but may not have bulk discounts for people with a larger budget.

We highly rate sellers for their service to niche customers, but they may not be ideal for other customers.  Modafinilcat had  the coveted top spot in our reviews because they had great service for every demographic and customer budget.

It’s taken some thought but we are pleased to share TWO alternatives to Modafinilcat! These are ModafinilXL and BuyModa.org!

Both vendors sell the same beloved four brandname products as the late Modafinilcat; Artvigil, Waklert, Modvigil and Modalert.

ModafinilXL have a very similar website featuring a duck rather than a cat and we suspect that the name “ModafinilDuck” probably crossed their minds 😉 Their responsive, fun spin on support adds trust, while they work hard to get your purchase to you with free express shipping and discreet stealth.  Their pharmaceuticals are genuine and low-priced, manufactured by the well-known Sun Pharma and HAB.  You can pay using Bitcoin for a great discount, or with major credit cards-for your privacy this will show on your statement as a transaction in China.  With further bulk and return customer discounts, “CatDose” could well be a reincarnation of our beloved “ModafinilDuck”… See what I did there? 😉

Modafinilcat alternative “HighStreetPharma” could be “CatPharma” – who knows? It’s purrfectly reasonable to think there’s a connection, and what a tall tail it would make? Well, whatever rumors and whiskers we hear one thing is certain and that’s HighStreetPharma won’t let you down! They are amazingly fast and are the only Modafinil seller who still prefurr credit card payments – purrfect for customers who find Bitcoin complicated. We heart this dedicated seller and hope they stick around – their genuine Modafinil and Armodafinil from Sun and Hab is so low-priced that it’s hard to see how they can afford to sell it 😉

Well- if you’ve been on the fence since the demise of the Cat, jump down – these two great ModafinilCat alternatives have your back!

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