Nuvigil And Provigil: Comparison of Effects

The names are similar, so what’s the deal with Nuvigil vs Provigil? Nuvigil is one of the most popular brands of Armodafinil, which is the enantiopure compound of Modafinil (Provigil is the most well-known brand of Modafinil). This means that Nuvigil last a little longer; usually 16 hours compared with 12 hours for Provigil. It’s also a bit stronger so it’s sold in smaller doses; typically pills are 150mg for Nuvigil and 200mg for Provigil.

Nuvigil is incredibly effective for treating Narcolepsy and helps patients by regulating their wakefulness so they can work and live safely. When it comes to recreational use, both drugs are highly-sought after and with their effects differing only in intensity, it’s a personal choice as to which you prefer. I currently use Nuvigil/Armodafinil generics as my smart drug and get great daily benefits from it. If you’re interested in getting it in bulk and want to try a generic version rather than brand name, click here for my HighStreetPharma review and see what’s available. They have savings on generic Armodafinil AND Modafinil which can save a lot of money compared with buying the Nuvigil and Provigil brands. If you want to compare both you can get a sampler pack and use yourself as a drug test subject. Unlike drug trials, you won’t get paid to act as a human lab rat… but you will have a great time testing the generics 🙂

My personal experience is that Nuvigil is stronger, and more of a “speedy” feeling, but can leave me with a “hungover” feeling if I neglect to drink enough water. Provigil I find to be gentler, but not by much.. and I use it when I want a more chill experience, but still want to get laser-like focus and get shit done. I find Provigil is less of a “go go GO!” drug than Nuvigil, but that it’s good for introverted days and focus time alone. So in MY EXPERIENCE (ymmv!), I’d use Provigil for study/reading up on stuff/writing projects/alone time, and I prefer Nuvigil for gym time, socializing, busy days and party time.

Both are great drugs. You cannot do any better if you want an amphetamine-like experience from one single pill, that lasts all day, lets you sleep at night, won’t kill you and won’t get you arrested for possessing it. They’re both not on controlled substance watchlists in *most* countries, so they aren’t dangerous, or addictive. They ARE highly effective. Which one you choose; Nuvigil vs Provigil, is simply down to personal choice.