Modafinil: What Does It Do?

What DOES Modafinil do? Well, there’s a growing list of benefits so it’s more what it DOESN’T do at this point. Researchers are finding more uses for Modafinil every day. Modafinil commonly affects users by providing sustained energy over 12-16 hours, better focus on complex tasks, mood stability and enhancement, and the ability to retain information more easily. This makes it ideal for people who struggle with disorders that pertain to wakefulness (Narcolepsy and other sleep disorders), mood (Anxiety, PTSD, some forms of Depression), and focus (ADD, ADHD). This is in a purely clinical sense; people from all walks of life benefit from using Modafinil as a lifestyle supplement that enhances their ability to enjoy a better work-life balance. It helps people to feel creative, inspired, to study more effectively, manage time better, socialize easily, stick to their weight-loss diet and so on.

Because Modafinil (and Armodafinil, the “stronger” version) is not a hard-core “oh noes evil drug” that the DEA will slam you for having, you can use it recreationally if you want to. And, let’s face it, many of us do! I use it daily so I can enjoy my life, and fit in work AND play, AND health/fitness, without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated or too tired to do anything other than work and sleep. So, if you have a precription from your doctor and want to save considerably by buying it from one of these safe, reviewed modafinil pharmacies, or you want a “fun drug” that won’t destroy you, you cannot get better than Modafinil. It has amazing benefits to improve your mood, and keeps you feeling energized all day. Unlike it’s crude forebearers (amphetamines), it won’t keep you awake for a week trying to scratch imaginary bugs out of your skin, and you won’t end up in a cell somewhere. You won’t end up with an expensive habit, because Modafinil is not physically addictive. Buying it safely from an actual pharmacy, means you will get a legal, clean, tested medication that benefits you and won’t wreck your life.

Modafinil generics are the best way you can get this drug and save money. They are cheaper than brands you may have heard of (Provigil, Nuvigil) by several orders of magnitude, yet just as safe. We buy generics all the time, of many other medications.. go and have a look through your medicine cabinet and you’ll see what I mean!

So you want a safe alternative to stuff like amphetamine/coke/Pro-Plus/Molly? You’ll get it with Modafinil. Study better, workout with hyped energy whatever time of day you hit the gym, feel upbeat, smash anxiety, work smarter, have fun time, and sleep when you want to. These are some of the things one pill, once a day does for people like me, who use it regularly. What does Modafinil do? It enhances your life legally, without a nasty payback!