A Little List Of Common Uses For Provigil

If you don’t know what Provigil is, then basically it is a wakefulness-promoting agent. It acts on neurotransmitters in the brain, to give sustained energy and focus to the user. It doesn’t have the addictive properties associated with drugs like amphetamines.

Modafinil Uses

The most common uses for Modafinil are for patients with narcolepsy and sleep apnea(a life-threatening condition). It helps those people keep a more regular sleep/wake cycle. It’s also used to treat stubborn cases of PTSD, C-PTSD(aka Complex Trauma) and various Major Depressive Disorders. It has proven helpful to people who have anxiety, OCDand ADHD. Modafinil gives steady focus and energy, making a massive difference to their quality of life.  Every day, researchers are looking for new ways Modafinil can help people.

Because it is non-addictive, it presents a safe substitute for disorders that require other drugs that aren’t so good for you. Currently, people get prescribed drugs with side effects including chronic weight gain, for conditions like depression and that seems pretty counter-productive to me!
The US Navy and Airforce also supply their crewmembers with Modafinil in case of some emergency situation where they need to be awake for a long time; it’s safer than the Methamphetamines it replaced(!)

Modafinil Side Effects

So, let’s see what side effects Modafinil may have. It does have some common ones you should be aware of.  Disclaimer: I have to tell you to take it ONLY under the supervision of your family doctor. Please note that these side effects are rare. When Modafinil is used with an antagonist drug, or when it is taken to serious excess, you are at risk. It can cause fever, headache, dry mouth and loss of appetite. You should ALWAYS be aware that you need to up your water intake when you use Modafinil. Mom said don’t dehydrate :p
You may also experience diarrhea, nausea and trouble sleeping(this is a desired effect for some!)
If you experience any bad effects stop taking it (or stop abusing it!).

Modafinil Dosage

Doctor prescribed Modafinil dosage is one 200mg pill (branded or generic). Take once per day on waking, or before you begin your shift as a shift worker. Modafinil works directly on your brain, so it isn’t dosed according to body weight . Whatever size you are, one pill does the job. Find them cheap with our review on HighStreetPharma if you like to buy things with altcoin, or just like to buy in bulk. You can take it safely every day, week-on-week, without building up a tolerance so you won’t need to take more than one-a-day even months later. In some cases a doctor might tell you to take more.

There are different brands and generics available for Modafinil and Armodafinil(ooh stronger!) from many manufacturers in different countries. On this modafinil reviews page you’ll find a list that details the best sellers online. I feature international pharmacies who sell all over the world without a prescription. You’ll pay a much cheaper price than you will find anywhere else. You can buy from any one of them and know you will be getting a genuine product, and a discreet service. Provigil is what one branded name for Modafinil is.