This Is Why You SHOULDN’T Get Prescribed Modafinil!

Are you curious what Modafinil is prescribed for so you can go and get your doctor to write you a prescription? Would you like to head on over to the Walgreens drive-thru and pick it up there? Doctors prescribe Modafinil and Armodafinil for patients with narcolepsy or sleep apnea. Sometimes doctors will give it to shift workers who struggle with the demands of an irregular sleep cycle.  Physicians use Modafinil as an experimental treatment for a variety of problems. This includes PTSD, Depression, OCD, Anxiety and even Jet Lag.  Medical science loves to experiment and because of this, they keep finding more Moda-uses!

Wait! Don’t go rushing to your local McDoctor!

Modafinil is EXPENSIVE on prescription. Unless you have the most fantastic insurance ever you’ll end up paying something towards it.  That ‘something’ is going to be a lot more than the @ $0.88 it costs from HighStreetPharma without a prescription. It’s perfectly safe to use it in your country, even if you don’t have a prescription, aren’t doing anything illegal by having any quantity of because it’s non-addictive and not physically harmful.  Modafinil isn’t a dangerous controlled substance like opiates or Cocaine.   You can have it in your possession and not need to worry. You won’t go to jail for buying Modafinil online without your doctor’s written blessing.

Another reason you shouldn’t deliberately seek a prescription by trying to fake out your healthcare provider is because it  you won’t look good if they catch you out.  You’ll look like someone who is trying to get hold of a medication by lying, because you want to abuse it. Your doctor will make a note on your file to this effect if you’re unlucky.  If you’re lucky all you will get are suspicious looks from a few people. Nobody will think you’re a junkie because you use Modafinil.  People do notice suspicious behavior a lot more, so don’t act like you’re doing something shady!

You could legitimately have one of the conditions I mention, and that’s fine.  The likelihood is that you read my Modafinil articles because you want a legal way to feel great.  You want the fun kind of energy that you’d usually get from street drugs.  Modafinil is the unicorn we’ve all been waiting for.  People in the medical field, and recreational users say it’s effective, affordable and safe.

You will find verified, safe vendors on my main modafinil reviews page along with many more answered questions in my growing collection of articles. Many people think a prescription is a safety net that means they can buy a recreational drug. This was true for Marijuana for years! Pre-Modafinil, you would maybe get prescription Dex-amphetamine, or other schedule 1 Amphetamine derivatives.

With Modafinil you don’t have to worry because it’s effective and safe. That’s why Modafinil or Armodafinil is not gonna cause you a legal headache if you do go ahead and buy it without a prescription. You’ll also save a lot, usually paying 1/3rd of with-prescription costs because there are good quality generics available online.  You’ll find these in stock and ready to ship at all the vendors I trust.

Modafinil is a wakefulness agent which acts on your dopamine receptors. Doctors prescribe it to patients because they can’t stay alert, energized, or focused without help. It is a noticeable mood-lifting drug.  People who have mood regulation disorders, sleep disorders, or problems maintaining energy find it very useful.  This is why Narcolepsy, Sleep Apnea and shift work are what Modafinil is prescribed for.