So many friends have asked me where to buy Modafinil, but they’ve asked me in such a secretive way that it would be comical IF it wasn’t contributing to the bad choices they’d been making when trying to source authentic smart drugs.
There is nothing wrong AT ALL with buying and using Modafinil, Adrafinil and other legally-manufactured nootropics. Sadly, there are less scrupulous vendors who take full advantage of people’s ignorance by encouraging a culture of secrecy- and the customer suffers from these shady practices by buying fake products at an over-inflated price, or even by sending money and then getting nothing but excuses.

It benefits me to spread the word about the benefits of using Modafinil, and the safest places to buy it from in terms of price and quality. Supporting legitimate vendors and engaging in honest discussions with my friends about my smart drug use goes a long way towards securing my own supply of authentic, safe Modafinil: sharing my knowledge of honest sellers helps them stay in business, while openness about my use helps dispel any air of secrecy and wrongdoing.

There are many reasons someone may want to be discreet about their use of Modafinil and a good vendor will supply to you with this in mind; one can purchase modafinil online without announcing it to the world. This is not the same mindset as someone who consciously or subconsciously thinks they are doing something wrong, and who makes sketchy choices as a result.

Exercise caution before you buy- read reviews, talk to other customers (online forums such as Reddit are great for this), explore the seller’s website and pay by the method you feel most comfortable with (good vendors will offer a variety of secure payment options from Bitcoin to major credit cards). Why not start by reading my own reviews of some of the better known smart drug sellers and online pharmacies? I’ve learnt by trial and error where to buy Modafinil, to save you from making expensive mistakes 🙂

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