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How Long Does It Take For Modafinil To Work?

I’m asked this one constantly so let’s get it said! I know you all want to know how long does Modafinil take to kick in, like it’s some kind of legal street drug. Modafinil isn’t some kind of uncontrollable drug that will fuel a crime spree, so look elsewhere if that’s what you want. When you take your morning dose, you can expect to feel the effects of it within 20 minutes, with it peaking between 2 and 4 hours, and then lasting for 12-16. You can have a full-on busy day and then a night of uninterrupted sleep; this is not Meth and you won’t be awake for days acting all crazy. You WILL be productive and have sustained energy and an even, upbeat mood. It’s great for anxiety regulation. Which brings me to….

How Long Does Modafinil Stay In Your System?

Modafinil has a half life of 12-16 hours, and it’s excreted through urine. So you’re looking at 24+ hours for how long Modafinil does stay in your system and longer than that in trace amounts. It’s not something to worry about if you are afraid of drug-testing for work as it’s not something that they pick up or have any interest in, as I’ve written before, shift workers use Modafinil to stay alert with their on-off working hours. It’s also been picked up by the USA Airforce and Navy as their “emergency wakefulness drug” that they give out for those “oops, I’ve crashed and need to walk out of the desert/swim to safety” situations. They used to use Amphetamine tablets for that!

How Long Does Modafinil Last?

Does Modafinil last long? How long? Long enough to live a normal work day, and then go on to play, workout, study or anything else you. 16 hours is usual. So you can sleep just fine after a full 16 hours of activity. One Modafinil pill taken in the morning means this: you get to enjoy life.  You can do your day job and have energy left for family time, hobbies and fitness.

You’ll have the energy to work out, or whatever else you want to do after a full work day and you’ll also feel positive and upbeat. If you have a family, you will not be too tired after your day at the office to enjoy activity time with your kids. Or, fun time with your spouse… 😉 If you want a drug that’s gonna give you back your work/life balance this is it, and you can buy now at a huge discount for altcoins by clicking the link on our review of Modafinilstar, or from one of our other approved vendors.

Sorry to disappoint any hardcore drug addicts who want an instant high. Take one pill and wait; 20 minutes is how long Modafinil does take to kick in.